7 AC Maintenance Tips to Increase the Performance of Your Unit

Maintenance service and preventive tips will maintain your AC unit’s efficiency and keep the system in good health. AC maintenance in Bradenton has some tips to keep the system in good condition.

7 AC Maintenance Tips to Increase the Performance to Beat the Heat.

Here is the list to maintain your air conditioner’s functioning and increase the AC performance during peak times:

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Clean the Air Filter and Condenser Fins Monthly

According to AC repair in Bradenton, it is essential to replace the air filter every year to avoid repair issues, such as build-up inside the AC system. Dust and dirt are the reasons that degrade the cooling and hinder the refrigeration process. Take a soft-bristle brush to remove the dust and dirt particles from the filter and fins.

Tidy Up the Surrounding Area of the Outdoor Unit Weekly

It is better to trim the greenery growing around the AC unit and collect the foliage around the system. There are chances that small debris can get trapped inside the system and mess with the AC system process.

Cover the AC Outdoor Unit With a Sunshade to Protect It From Sunlight

According to the AC installation in Bradenton, most residents replace their AC system before the time due to expensive repair of compressor issues. It is best to build a sunshade over the outdoor AC unit to protect the components from the sunlight, which can hinder its performance.

Check the Drainage Line For Blockage Issues.

Check the drainage lines for blockage issues weekly and clean them with a brush. The condensation process speeds up in the evaporator coil due to excessive usage. It can lead to water leakage problems due to blockage in the lines.

Use a Fan to Increase the Cooling Process.

With the help of a ceiling fan, you can reduce the burden on the AC system to maintain the temperature in your household and speed up the cooling process. According to technicians for HVAC in Bradenton, FL less workload means fewer repairing issues.

Operate the AC System At a Minimum Cooling Temperature

Most residents set the thermostat at a high temperature to increase comfort. High temperatures will lead to an increase in humidity levels, allergies, and skin problems. According to AC replacement in Bradenton, 78 Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for the summer.

Close The Windows and Shut Down the Blinds When the AC System Works

It is energy-efficient to keep all the windows and doors shut to prevent the chill air from escaping into the outer environment. Moreover, you can insulate the refrigeration tubes to ensure the air does not escape away.

Call a Professional to Prepare Your AC System.

Professional maintenance services inspect the AC system for repair issues and enhance its functioning. Tri-R Mechanical experts are here to help you if you are looking for a reliable company in your neighborhood. Call (941)-787-8888, and our team for AC replacement in Bradenton will provide the best service for your AC system. Contact us today.