10 DIY Tips for Cleaning Your HVAC System

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Most HVAC owners warn against DIY installation, DIY repair, and DIY replacement, but there is 10 DIY tips for cleaning your HVAC system that can help you enhance your HVAC’s efficiency. 

That DIY is HVAC system cleaning. An annual tune-up includes cleaning, but you schedule a tune-up only once or twice a year. The HVAC system runs throughout the year. 

Dirt particles, dust, debris, etc., enter it. Sometimes, mold grows in the AC unit due to blockage or leakage. 

To prevent these harmful particles from accumulating in your HVAC in Bradenton, FL, follow the below-given tips for cleaning your HVAC system

An inspection is the first thing you should do to keep the system clean. Check the internal and external components of the HVAC system to find out whether they are clean or need cleaning.

  • You should also inspect the insulation of your home. If there is any crack, hole, or other damage in your insulation, dirt will enter your HVAC system and degrade the indoor air quality.
  • When an AC runs constantly, it gets dirty faster. To prevent this, you should block the outside heat by keeping the window closed and using a curtain.
  • Also, do not completely depend on your AC. On less hot days, you can use the ceiling fan to fulfill your cooling requirement. This will give some rest to your AC and keep it protected from dust for some time.
  • Replace the air filter often. Consider replacing it every month. If you use the washable filter, make sure you clean it every week. Do not keep using the same air filter for more than 90 days, as this will affect indoor air quality and your health.
  • Trim the bushes, shrubs, and plants near the outdoor unit to protect it from debris and other undesirable particles.
  • Ensure the outdoor unit’s location does not have any insects or pests as they can enter the AC unit.
  • Look for a smart thermostat for your AC unit. It adjusts the temperature according to the requirement automatically and enhances the efficiency of your AC.
  • It is the easiest way to solve the problem of the AC compressor running constantly.
  • To keep your AC clean during winters, storms, or rain, put a cover on it. Do not cover your AC while you are using it.
  • Cover it only when it is not in use.
  • Clean your AC unit every 90 days. This cleaning does not only involve filter replacement but also removing the dust and dirt from the entire AC unit.


If you keep your AC clean but still it is not functioning properly, you need to book an HVAC inspection. To solve your HVAC problems, TRI-R Mechanical LLC is here. These were the tips for cleaning your HVAC system.

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